Best Leather Laptop Messenger Bag of 2021

Practically a businessman or a student everyone required a laptop and need to go one place to another. Hence we need something for the protection and safety of your laptop and other essential items. If you need the best leather laptop messenger bag, then this article for you.

Many people use backpacks, but a messenger bag always looks professional. It gives a fantastic attraction and you can use it for many years. They are better for the environment and they can withstand stormy and wet conditions. In this article we will discuss different types of elegant leather messenger laptop bags. Let’s start!

Things You Must Consider Before Buying The Best Leather Laptop Messenger Bag:

Before purchase a messenger bag you must keep in mind some important points which will help you to buy a perfect affordable best leather laptop messenger bag 2021 for your requirement.

1. It’s all about leather

A full gain leather bag looks netter as they age. It looks classy, shiny and professional. A full gain leather bag is long-lasting.

Bounded leather bag made from trash of leather formed into a second-rate version of leather by using plastics and some chemicals. So it is not useful as full gain leather. So you must choose a full gain leather bag.

Avoid ‘authentic’ leather because it available at a low price but it is not good for value for money.

Something else to consider is the type of leather;

  • Cowhide leather is the best quality leather and considered as top option when purchase. It also has an excellent look and feels great.
  • Lambskin leather has a softer texture. Lambskin leather bag are less long lasting and easy to damage compare to other leathers.
  • Patch leather consist of multiple parts of lambskin and cowhide leather. It has similar durability made from cowhide and it is affordable.
  • Faux leather: we already mention full gain leather is great for all. Faux leather is artificial leather but it is very tough to distinguish between a bag made from faux leather is real or fake. So faux leather is a great choice.

2. Check out Hardware

You must pay attention on hardware

  • Shoulder strap fittings: The shoulder straps of the messenger bag must be adjustable. If there is a problem in shoulder straps then it will deal you with shoulder pain. So you must care about it.
  • Buckles: Your buckles are must be good quality because you’ll open and close your bag’s buckles thousands of times over lifetime. Some buckles have an embrace designs so they are easy to use, because you need to press on just a bottom. While other has magnetic design.

Other kinds of hardware are zippers, locks, handles and metallic rings. Handles should be attached to the bag’s body with metallic fixtures or reinforced stitching. Metal zippers are more long lasting than plastic zippers.

3. Durability and Handwork

We wants our bag will survive many years without damage. Bag made from good quality leather are long lasting. Quality of bag’s stretching is a factor in both its handwork and durability or long lasting.

4. Your style, image, profession etc

We must choose a bag which is appropriate with your profession. Your image and style is also important factor. Your body shape will determine what kind of bag will suit you. If you tall then choose one kind of bag, if you short then choose other kind bag. So you must keep in mind about your profession, style and image.

5. Color

Majority of leather bags are black, light brown, dark brown and tan. Black and dark brown are suitable for professional. Light brown and tan are good for casual workers. Black is a formal color and suitable for almost every field. Dark brown is also a nice color option.

6. Country of origin

Italy, France, U.S.A, England has long history of production of high quality leather bag. These countries have high rated leather bag companies. But some less reputable country also has supply of leather bags, because the local workers finishing works are excellent and trustable. Most of people choose top quality messenger bag or laptop messenger bag of reputable country.

Our Top Picks Best Laptop Messenger Leather Bag:

1. KomlaC 15-inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

leather laptop bag

Don’t forget buffalo leather. This bag made from the hide of buffalo. A large difference is that like other each bag’s owner, KomalC does not advertise its leather as 100% pure and hand-made. This 15 inch briefcase is much lighter than other bags. It is long-lasting and top quality bag for laptop and other things.

There is enough space to store your laptop and don’t worry your laptop will be safe. There is two large front pockets where you can keep your necessary items like phones, wallet, cards, documents etc. it has classic look so it can suitable for many occasions.

KomalC represents the vision and work of Indian designer Komal Choudhary. So KomlaC 15-inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag is a fantastic option for who wants a classic leather messenger bag.

[amazon box=”B07R9KBHFT “]

2. DHK 18-inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

mens leather laptop bag

If you want to store lots of items then it is a perfect option, because you can store many items on it. Outer pocket has sufficient rooms to keep iPad and other necessary items which you need daily.

There are three compartments, including a big middle compartment which room is enough for laptops and other files. So you can safely keep your laptop in this bag. There is also a zippered pocket where you can easily store other important things (cards, pens, wallet, etc). It is unisex, so men and women both can use this bag. You can store a laptop or if you want to keep your camera and other things then you also can this bag. It will provide protection to your laptop and other items. It is ideal for college, offices, and businesses. DHK 18 bag comes from India and made from goat leather.

So DHK 18-inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag is a great option for who want a best leather messenger bag for laptop and necessary items.

[amazon box=”B075VSR5CZ “]

3. Viosi Men’s RFID Leather Messenger Bag

leather laptop backpack

Viosi brand sells wallets, belts and many other items, but RFID messenger leather bag is one of the best sellers. It is a high-quality bag with craftsmanship.

This 16 inch RFID bag can safely store your valuable laptop. You can also store tablets, iPad, etc. There is enough space to keep your daily necessary items with protection. There are two large pockets, a smaller pocket, three exterior pen holders, two interior pockets, two interior pen holders, a zippered pocket and a padded laptop holder. The cushioned interior pockets will save your stuffs from scratches, bumps and other potential damage. It has a detachable shoulder strap, so you can comfortably carry this bag.

This bag consists of 100% buffalo leather which gives a great look and comfort. It comes with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection designed to give safety from stealing private documents such as passport, credit card, etc electronically.

So Viosi Men’s RFID leather messenger Bag is a good pickup for who wants the best laptop messenger bag leather.

[amazon box=”B01IWCT2R4 “]

4. Katte Men’s Crazy Horse Leather Shoulder Briefcase

genuine leather laptop bag

This bag has a unique style that really defines hardness. Its scratch-prone original leather shell gives this bag a typically look better with age. This bag’s design is very similar to higher-priced Samsonite or Kenneth Cole bag. Its front two buckles designed along with a refreshed hybrid leather/cloth strap and its handle made such a way that it is very easy and comfortable to carry.

There is a sufficient place to store a 14” laptop safely. You can also keep a tablet and a power adapter. This bag also has two main compartments for easy discrimination of your items by a zipper pouch in the middle. So you can easily keep important A4 standard sized documents. You can also store your other important items with safety.

So Katte Men’s Crazy Horse Leather Shoulder Briefcase is a perfect choice for those who want a good simple leather briefcase or bag to store laptops and other necessary stuffs.

[amazon box=”B00HF3QOGO “]

5. Polare Men’s Full Grain Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag

leather messenger bag

This bag has enough room for store your valuable stuff which need you daily life. It is best known for multifunctional.

This bag made from full grain leather which is imported from Italy. It has sufficient amount of storage to store a 17 inch laptop. It will provide security to your valuable laptop. There are also enough compartments to keep other necessary items. Its adjustable shoulder strap will offer carrying comfort to traveler. Its handcrafted design is bolstered by stable sewing and hardy hardware which holds up to everyday wear and tear. It has a handle which will help you in lots of way. Its industrial-grade sewing is long lasting. Overall it is a great bag with helpful feature and beautiful design.

So if you need a leather messenger bag for your laptop or other stuffs then it will be a great option.

[amazon box=”B00PAMD76M “]

6. PL 18-inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

best leather laptop messenger bag

This leather messenger bag is made by the KomalC brand. “PL” stands for Passion Leather. Its 100% leather which long-lasting, great looking and ages beautifully. This bag will survive many years undoubtedly if you take care of it. Its leather tanned with natural, old Mother Nature, edible oil and good. This bag consist of that leather which chemical- and color- free, it removes the possibility of allergies

This bag is 18 inches long, 13” high and 6” deep. There is enough space to keep your valuable laptop with protection. You can also store iPad, notebooks, documents and other files. There is also a large inner compartment for storing large files, laptop and other stuff. There also two interior zippered compartments for storing keys, cards, pens or other necessary documents. This bag includes heavy duty canvas interior covering which provides excellent protection for laptop and other important items. It has adjustable shoulder straps and hardy top handle which will provide a comfort while you carry the bag. It also has super craftsmanship and looks attractive.

So if you looking for beautiful leather messenger bag then you can pick it.

[amazon box=”B00FLGZ46I “]

7. Estalon Leather Best Laptop Messenger Bag for Men

estalon leather laptop messenger bag

It is an excellent leather bag with many cool features, an excellent inner foam padding, including bottom foam padding which protects your laptop and valuable stuff if your bag down a bit too hard or drop accidentally. This bag’s leather comes from buffalo hide which has a charming new leather fragrance. If the smell is over-the-top for your tastes, you can open the bag and put it in a good ventilated place until fragrance clam.

This laptop leather messenger bag has enough room to store a 13-inch laptop easily with protection. There also two large front pockets to keep your other valuable items. There also two internal pockets that include an RFID block and a zipper pocket for ID cards, documents, wallets. It will store your stuff safely. It has YKK zippers (YKK is a Japanese company whose zippers are best in the world). A wide shoulder strap increase carrying comfort. It has a classic design.

So it is a nice best leather laptop messenger bag 2021 with inner padding and protection and RFID blocking.

[amazon box=”B082G3KM2J “]

8. Rustic Town 15 Inch Vintage Crossbody Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

best leather laptop bag

Rustic Town is a small company with a large goal of making great handcraft leather products. Among them Vintage Crossbody Genuine Leather Laptop Messenger Bag is one of the best items. This bag is great for business and accidental use offers easy admission to your stuff and comfortable to carry. This bag made from 100% handmade buffalo leather. This leather goes through a vegetable tanning process that retains its original characteristics and it is also eco-friendly. The vegetable tanning process is environmentally safe.

This bag has two inner and two outer compartments and two external zippered pockets. There is enough space to keep your laptop and tablets safely. You can also store your other valuable items. Its adjustable shoulder strap provides comfort while you carrying it and also safe when you travelling.

Rustic Town artisans also take place paints to cut, paste and sewing the bag with traditional apparatus. Overall it is a nice leather messenger bag.

So if you looking for a leather messenger bag for laptop and other stuff then this beautiful eco-friendly handmade bag is a good option.

[amazon box=”B00MA2HNLU “]

9. Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Laptop Messenger Bag

This is beautiful unique crafted leather messenger bag which you can use in both business and casual environment. You can also travel with it. It consist multiple features. This bag is made from genuine leather.

This bag has two buckles lay on front side where you can store your all necessary stuff. Underneath the leather straps you will find that you can easily open up the bag by pressing down on the buckle. You can store a 15.6” laptop easily on the bag. There are also lots of compartments where you can store other valuable items. This bag will provide protection to your all items.

The Samsonite Colombian is made from high-quality material and last you for several years. This bag also has a variety of colors. You can carry this bag via shoulder or by hand.

So it is also a good option for best mens leather laptop messenger bag.

[amazon box=”B004XAVT8K “]

10. Berchirly Vintage Leather Briefcase Shoulder Messenger Bag

leather laptop messenger bag

It is high quality and affordable leather messenger bag. It is made from faux leather. People like this bag’s contraction and the way it looks. It is hardy and you can use this bag for many years if you take care of it.

This bag has enough space to store a 14’ laptop easily and safely. There are sufficient of compartments where you can easily store your necessary items. There also a zipper enclosure in the back where you can keep pens, wallet, keys, phones etc. This bag is less bulky and easy to carry for many people. This bag provides 100% customer satisfaction guarantee (refund or replacement). Its straps and handles are made in such way that it is easy to handle and carry.

So it is a good option for the best leather laptop messenger bag 2021 in affordable budget.

[amazon box=”B0166B6HM6 “]

11. S-ZONE Men’s Crazy-Horse Leather Business Briefcase

s-zone leather laptop bag

The S-ZONE is an extremely renowned handcrafted leather messenger bag that emits both a classic and rural vibe. It has a double clip design on the front of the bag and it provides security to your valuable items during traveling. It is made from high quality leather.

Within in the main bag there are two compartments separated by a zipper pouch. You can easily store a 14” laptop on one side and a tablet on other side. There are 3 external compartments matched by 3 internal compartments. So you can keep your necessary stuff among these 6 compartments. There is also zip-locked back compartment which will store your essential items. From your laptop to your other gears all items will get traffic security.

While also duplication as a briefcase with its top leather-reinforced handle, you can also carry this as a standard messenger across your chest. You also able to easily remove the reinforced shoulder cushion pad by simply unbuckling either one of the straps on either side.

It is an excellent bag with a double look. You can use this bag on different occasions. It is also easy to carry. So it is a nice option for a leather messenger bag for storing laptops or other items.

[amazon box=”B00OJWCVSE “]

12. Jack & Chris Men’s Leather Briefcase

best leather messenger mens bag

J&C Men’s Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag is a beautiful bag with simple, minimal design. The bag is made from high-quality leather.

This bag has sufficient amount of storage to store your valuable 15-inch laptop easily. There is also a front zipper pocket, an inner zipper pocket, a padded leather compartment. You can easily keep your other essential items in these compartments and pockets. All of your important items will remain under security.

This bag has detachable shoulder straps and hardy top handle. Due to its lightweight and good shoulder straps and handle it is easy to carry. It has also a vintage look. So overall it is a good leather messenger bag for storing laptop and other important items.

[amazon box=”B01915TZW8 “]

13. Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian

mens best leather messenger bag

The Kenneth Cole is a popular leather bag with multiple functions. It is known for its fashion adaptability because it suits most clothes you’ll wear on a given day. It made from full-grain Colombian leather. Its sharp lines and excellent sewing fills a sweet spot between classic and professional.

This bag has sufficient space to store your laptop. There is also storage for textbook, pens, documents, notebooks. On the front of the bag there are a cell phone pocket, three card slots and two pen pockets. There is magnetic snap closure on bag’s main flap. There is a polyester lining and additional stash pockets under the flap where you can also store your necessary items.

It has permanent, comfortable and padded shoulder straps. You can adjust your longer shoulder strap from 20 to 24 inches and the shorter strap has a drop of three inches. So it is a good choice for the best men’s leather laptop messenger bag.

[amazon box=”B07PW9QKTH “]

14. Frey Logan Messenger Bag

frey logan leather messenger mans bag

This bag has a unique personality. It is made from rich, textured leather adds an artistic flair without changing the original nature of the leather. So it gives a nice look. Sewing is subtle and enclose the whole bag. There are some leather ornaments around the side and back of the bag. It has two color varieties Dark Brown and Antique Cognac.

There are few pockets on the bag; some of them are presents in the interior of the main compartment where you can store cellphone, keys, wallet, cards. You can also store a mini laptop. The internal lining goes very well with the underside of the flap, creating a seamless look both to open and closed.

This bag has a fixed and adjustable shoulder strap. You can carry it across your chest or to rest it on one side and under your arm. Soft leather will provide you comfort. This bag will last for many years if you take care of it.

[amazon box=”B007Z0FMYW “]

15. Slim Leather Messenger Bag

slim leather messenger mens bag

This leather bag is incredibly slick and has an extremely streamlined design. It is a simple leather bag which can carry your laptop and other stuff. It is made from genuine goat leather.

In the main compartment, there are two pouches, so you can keep a laptop in one and your other items on the other side. This nag will provide security to your valuable gears. To access the main compartments, the top flap is secured by two magnetic fittings which should stay secure in unruly conditions.

It is made in such a way that it will provide comfort to the traveler while carrying the bag. So it is a simple good quality best leather laptop messenger bag 2021.

[amazon box=”B07C4X1KPB “]

How to Care For Your Best Leather Laptop Messenger Bag for Long Time Service?

Leather Messenger Bag is comparatively expensive item. So you must care of it because it is long term investment. We will give some tips to you for caring your valuable leather bag.

1. Remove Water and Excess Moisture Immediately

Moisture and water can affect your bag. Use a dry, soft cloth to remove moistures soon as possible by blotting-not rubbing. Remember salt-based products and ice melt are harmful to leather.

2. Air-Dry Leather

If you want to dry your bag then never place your bag near heat sources. Instead, place it on a table or another flat surface and let it dry on its own.

3. Cleaning Your Messenger Bag

When you want to clean your leather bag you must use soft, dry cloth. There are a variety of leather cleaners available to remove grime, drift, grease, sweat and dust.

4. Certain Strains May Need Professional Help

If you unsure about how to clean certain strains like mildew or ink then go must go to a professional person who know how to fix it.

5. Store Your Bag Properly

If you don’t use for several days then it is a good idea to store your bag. Use dry cloths, bubble wrap or parchment papers to stuff your bag’s interior. Don’t use newsprint because it can smear. Store your bag in a cool, dry closet area away from heating sources.


We have done a lot of research on leather messenger bag which can store your laptop as well as other necessary items with safety and protection. Ours top picks best leather laptop messenger bag 2021 for you in different designs and different budgets. We have also discussed how to care for your valuable leather messenger bag. If you looking for the best men’s leather laptop messenger bag than this article will definitely help you.

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