Best Cologne to Attract Ladies in 2020

best cologne to attract ladies

Good looks and fashionable style are not enough to attract a woman. An essential sense to attract women is good smell. If a man smells good then no one can stop a woman getting attracted him. Many experts recommended that you must use good quality cologne for your date or dinner with partner. It will help to attract women towards you. There are various types of cologne available in the market. So you must choose a perfect which will make your date enjoyable. We will discuss 12 best cologne to attract ladies. So let’s start

Our Top Picks Best Cologne to Attract Ladies:

We have enlisted the best cologne to attract ladies for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these colognes with endless features.

1. Giorgio Armani Code for Men

best cologne to attract ladies

This charm and classic cologne is perfect for men. Giorgio Armani was an Italian fashion designer known for his menswear. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani was launched in 2004. Armani code was the winner of Fifi Fragrance award of the year in Men’s Luxury 2006. It always sensual, in a clean and understated way, it combines charm and fineness. The nose behind of this fragrance was Antoine Lie. It is trusted cologne from Armani.

Top notes- bergamot and lemon
Middle notes- star anise and olive blossom
Bottom notes- leathers and tobacco

This cologne is a black-tie event brief into a little bottle and provides an instant cool and spicy smell when you spray. This cologne is not overpowering. This is also long-lasting and perfect for your date, dinner. The spicy smell will attract women and makes mad. It is cocktails and warlike, shaken, not stirred. So it can be your excellent pick.

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2. Chanel Allure Homme Sport

best cologne for men

Allure Homme Sport cologne is more than fragrance. This lightweight cologne is perfect for casual wear. This is attractive and glamorous cologne which is exciting and enticing. And it has a fresh, cool and bracing composition like a breath of energy. It was re-launched in 2016. It was first launched in 2007 and the nose behind it was Jacques Polge.

Top Notes – aldehydes, mandarin, seawater and orange.
Heart Notes – neroli, pepper and cader.
Base Notes – amber, musk, tonka, bean, vetiver and vanilla. Perfect combination of all elements will provide you freshness, coolness and energy.

This is a very unique and masculine fragrance which is perfect for young. This is also long-lasting and provides you full potential. All notes will provide a spicy and woody fragrance to attract women. It will make your date enjoyable and perfect for other occasions. So overall this fresh, cool, musky, spicy, woody and energetic cologne is perfect for men. It is one of the best cologne to attract ladies to date.

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3. Cool Water by Davidoff

mens cologne

Cool Water by Davidoff is a very popular, fresh, cool and masculine fragrance available in the market. This is a classic aroma and the first lifestyle brand to establish the territory of aquatic freshness and coolness. This cologne was launched in 1998 by the design house of Calvin Klein. It created by Pierre Bourdon. It is perfect for who wants a refreshing smell without being too floral.

Top Notes – mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander and rosemary.
Heart Notes – geranium, neroli, jasmine and sandalwood.
Base Notes – cedarwood, musk, amber and tobacco.

This clean, fresh and cool fragrance is suitable for every ages person but the preferably age range is 15-25 years. It is perfect for dinner and date. This has very sweet and spicy smell. This cologne is not too dauntless and also long lasting so you can use it in day time. If you have tendency to sweat, consider putting this cologne on your pressure points instead of on your torso or neck. It is perfect for your daily use. So overall it is excellent and recognizable cologne for men.

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4. Creed Aventus for Men

best cologne to buy

Aventus celebrates power, vision and success inspired by the dynamic life of romance, war and peace lived by Emperor Napoleon. It is the counterpart of the wind at your back as you ride into battle, a majestic steed beneath you. This bottle is complimented with a silver emblem of a horse and rider. So it is undoubtedly a unique quality scent. It created by Oliver Creed and Erwin Creed and launched in 2010.

Top Notes – blackcurrant.
Heart Notes – rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine and patchouli.
Base Notes – oakmoss, musk ambergris and vanillin.

This cologne has balanced and perfect combination, balanced scent DNA and strong presence and aroma. It is masterpiece of cologne. It is cool, fresh with packed full of energy and expectance. It’s smell like adrenaline and raw power, a fight, a challenge and you will rise to the occasions. This cologne is perfect for date with partner, dinner or various occasions. It’s smell lasting more than 12 hours so it is also long lasting. So overall this is iconic and unique cologne for men.

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5. L’homme Yves Saint Laurent – Best Cologne To Attract Ladies

2020 best cologne to attract ladies

It is a very good and popular fragrance available in the market. It has an excellent aroma that’s just macho man enough to give it a strong done of sex appeal. This cologne has a soft, smooth, cool and sweet fragrance. And it created by Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye and Dominique. It is capturing the spirit of youth with the aim of providing a millennial generation something different.

And it launched in 2017. The nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion. This cologne gives a distinctly warm and ripens smell.

Top Notes – cardamom, Sicilian bergamot.
Heart Notes – Virginian cedar and lavender.
Base Notes – cumin and vetiver.

This has a balance between freshness and strength. It is a citrusy twist on an old favourite, without coming off as flowery. Its smell will offer you a unique experience. This cologne is suitable for every season and every occasion. So you can use it for your dinner or date. Overall it is sensual and masculine and excellent cologne for men.

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6. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray

paca rabanne best cologne

The Paco Rabanne is a big brand in the fashion market. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne is a very popular fragrance among the men. This fragrance’s scent has a unique style and opulence. It is just the middle point between Prive and Lucky. It launched in 2008. The noses behind it are Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Giard.

Top Notes – grapefruit, basil, Blood Mandarin.
Heart Notes – rose, cinnamon, hot notes.
Base Notes – leather, amber, woody, Indian Patchouli. All elements are mixed perfectly.

Leather is a rich, classic scent which suggests ruggedness and class, and the wood tones give it a raw, earthy feel that pairs perfectly. Patchouli and cinnamon used for the spicy smell. The floral extract is given to lighten up the cologne and give a hint of something the ladies find doughty. It has a confident aroma. This has a spicy smell which drives women wild. This is a cologne for men without limitations. And this is sensual and striking top rated fragrance. This is also long-lasting. This bold and masculine scent is perfect for a date, dinner with partner and every occasion. So overall it is an excellent and top-rated cologne for man.

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7. Versace Eros – Best Perfume to Attract Ladies

best fragnance to buy

It is one of the best cologne to attract ladies. And it launched in 2012 and created by Aurelien Guichard. It interprets the excellent masculinity through a brilliant aura with energy, vibrant and flaming cleanness obtained from the combination of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple.

Top Notes – Mint, green apple and lemon.
Middle Notes – Tonka bean, geranium and ambroxan.
Base Notes – Vanilla, vetiver, Oakmoss, Cedar.

This cologne is sweeter than many others fragrance. This scent is also long lasting so you can use it in morning for long time performance. This spicy and sweet fragrance is excellent for a date. It will impress your partner with the fresh and cool felling of a tropical breeze o your skin. This cologne leaves light, breezy, sweet smell. It is not overpowering but it can attract everyone around you. So this cologne is perfect for different occasion and date. Overall it summarized as sweet, mint, mostly apple, lemon and woody cologne for men.

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8. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

spicebomb cologne

This is a very popular and unique cologne among men now. Viktor & Rolf present the male equivalent famous Flowerbomb fragrance in 2005 and the second men’s fragrance after antidote in2006 under the name of Spicebomb. Spicebomb comes out in January 2012 as an explosive and external oriental- woody and spicy combination. Its bottle designed very attractively in such a way that it looks like a hand grenade. The nose behind it is Oliver Polge.

This cologne has a woody and spicy smell which is very attractive. Its sensual and icy aroma is perfect for you. It is not only powerful but also aggressive statement which screams what it means to be a man.

Top Notes – Bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper and elemi.
Heart Notes – Cinnamon, chilli pepper and saffron.
Base Notes – leather, vetiver and tobacco.

All elements are mixed perfectly so it will transform you into a powerful, intense and daring man. This fragrance is super, elegant and chromed creation of house of Viktor & Rolf offers. This cologne is lasting between 3 and 5 hours. It is perfect for your colourful nights, dates and other occasions. So overall this masculine, sweet and powerful cologne is a brilliant option for men.

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9. Sauvage by Christian Dior

sauvage best cologne to buy

Christian Dior is a big brand name with a reputation. It is a perfect option for your everyday use. We know that Christian Dior has the endorsement of the famous actor Jonny Depp, so undoubtedly this fragrance is great. Sauvage is inspired by wild, open spaces; blue sky which covers the rocky landscape, hot under the desert sun. It launched in 2015 and said to be it is raw, drastic, cool and more natural which takes inspiration from nature.

Top Notes – Sichuan pepper and Calabrian bergamot.
Heart Notes – geranium, lavender, elemi, pink pepper, vetiver and patchouli.
Base Notes – cedar, labdanum and ambroxan.

Sauvage’s perfume is long-lasting, so its scent will last for a long time. This cologne is also perfect for casual and formal occasion. Its smells like making love in the woods with a man you want to get lost with. Its clean and confident aroma will make your date, dinner beautiful. So this classy, crisp, cool, fresh, warm, spicy and uplifting will be a great pick up for men. This feature makes it best cologne to attract ladies as well.

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10. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Jean Paul Cologne is Best

This is a unique and top-rated cologne in the market. This is the first-ever male fragrance made by Jean Paul Gaultier. It launched in 1995. This cologne has a natural aroma. It created by Francis Kurkdjian. It was built on basis of traditional, bold, fresh, mild, strong and sensual.

Top Notes – Basil, lavender and bergamot.
Middle Notes – Canella, cumin and orange blossom.
Base Notes – Vanilla, Tonka bean, sandalwood and Cedarwood.

This is perfect for both gentle and masculine at once. For instance, your mood, age, stress, body chemistry and present meditation may all alter the scents you wear. This cologne leaves cool and fresh mint smell and your partner will enjoy the smell. These will make your date perfectly enjoyable. You can use it in dry or oily skin. It is also long-lasting and can use on various occasions. So it is another great option for men cologne. It’s the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male best cologne to attract ladies in the market till date.

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11. Bvlgari Man in Black

best perfume to attract ladies

This is a great cologne for you if you are looking for women love. It is sexy, classic, mature, confident cologne. If you like Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb then you will also love this. It is like a smoother, drier Spicebomb with more mature vibe. You can use it for both formal and casual wear.

Top Notes – Rum, Cardamom, cinnamon.
Base Notes – Tuberose, iris, leather.
Base Notes – Benzoin, tonka bean, guaiac wood, black amber.

This cologne has an excellent smell which will attract your partner. Every notes of this cologne makes it lady killer cologne. It is useful for every season. It is also long-lasting, so it will make your date or dinner next level enjoyable. So undoubtedly it is a great cologne to attract girls.

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12. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

best cologne to attract ladies

This cologne is launched by the design house of Dolce & Gabbana. It is light, fresh, clean, cool, moody and energetic cologne to attract ladies.

Top Notes – Sicilian mandarin, frozen grapefruit peel, Bergamot, juniper.
Base Notes – Rosemary, Szechuan pepper, rosewood.
Base Notes – Musk wood, incense, oakmoss.

It will take the attraction of people around you. This cologne has a warm and bold scent which will make your partner mad. So it is perfect for a date, dinner and casual wear. It is also long-lasting. This confident and booster cologne is suitable for men.

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How to Choose The Best Cologne To Attract Ladies?

Choosing a perfect cologne is very important. Sometimes it depends upon your partner which she prefers. However, we discuss about 12 colognes which are undoubtedly everyone’s choice. Remember women have a stronger sense of smell compared to men. So if you looking for a partner then you must choose the right cologne to attract women.

  • Try To Wear Natural Cologne

Any natural scent with bodily fragrance and create a great musky mix. So you must choose a natural cologne if you want to attract women. It creates sexual desires in women.

  • Pick A Warm Note Cologne

Every women loves warm cologne.  If you choose cologne with woody, spicy, amber notes then fantastic. Some spicy notes are cinnamon and patchouli. Woody notes are leather, cedar, oakmast. These cologne makes women sexually mad. 

  • Pick A Perfume With A Hint of Musk

Musky fragrances are strong and perfect to attract women. So if you want to be a lady killer then you can choose cologne with musky notes.


Every man wants a partner and wants to attract women. To attract any women in date, dinner other function you must show some great impression. For these, you need perfect cologne. So we have discussed 12 best cologne to attract ladies. It will help you if you looking for a partner. You will enjoy every moment of your dinner or date. So undoubtedly it will help you to pick up perfect lady killer cologne for you. 

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